Middle School

Focusing On The Important Time Of Transition

Middle School is a time of transition – Spanish Legacy recognizes this and offers specific classes that help make part of that transition easier.  Language classes for many schools start in middle school, these can be difficult and confusing for a student that has never studied. Spanish Legacy hosts on site classes to quickly help these students establish core basics so their foundation for language is strong.  Our classes are designed to be fun, engaging and age appropriate so that students are comfortable with the material and become confident in their skills.

Spanish Legacy knows that schedules during the school year can be tight, so we offer a summer bridge program to help students in middle school from year to year and from middle to high school get a leg up on their studies as classes get progressively harder.  Summer is an ideal time to further prepare middle school students for their next year and for high school. Being prepared for this transition is vital to their overall social and academic success. Foreign language study is dramatically more intense in high school than in middle school, and can often times be overlooked.  We can help!

Middle School

Middle school programs have a strong focus on the important transition the children are going through at this time.

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