Spanish Legacy Curriculum

The curriculum is an activity based, Montessori-inspired method that incorporates core traditional techniques,  Our classes are full immersion that act as building blocks toward full bilingualism.  Spanish Legacy’s method integrates vocabulary, reading, writing, art, geography and mathematics into engaging hands-on, age appropriate activities.

Spanish Immersion Preschool 

Our full immersion preschool incorporates Montessori based activities in a completely Spanish speaking environment.  This environment provides the building blocks toward full bilingualism.

Traditional Preschool with daily Spanish lessons

Our traditional preschool incorporates Montessori based activities to provide your child with a strong educational foundation.  The traditional preschool day is taught in English with daily lessons in Spanish.


The curriculum for children ages 3 – 5 years addresses the following areas of learning and development:

Language Arts and Literacy:

Circle time and storytelling

Reading with adults

Emerging literacy skills

Use of fine motor skills

Dramatic play with a variety of props


Numbers and number sense

Matching and classifying

Group objects in categories

Patterns and classification

Problem Solving

Autonomy and Social-Emotional:

Sense of self and personal responsibility

Working in a group setting


Practical life skills

Sensory activities

Discovery of various cultures around the world