Bringing Students From Abroad

Legacy Host Families

Every year, Spanish Legacy welcomes almost 40 European students to our Sarasota community.  These students come to immerse themselves in the US culture and practice speaking English and live and are hosted by gracious local families. Each of the students and our prospective families are personally screened so they can be well matched with one another.  Every year we have more applicants than host families, so we are always looking for new homes to add as a part of our Legacy Host Family program.

Keeping It Simple

As a Legacy Family, you’ll host one of our International Exchange Students in your home. You’ll provide room and board for a student aged 10-16 and give them a first-hand glimpse into the American culture by sharing the things you love to eat, activities you do, and what you read and/or watch. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, as simple things like trips to Target and the beach are ‘super-cool’. They want to soak it all in!

Our Legacy Families get the immeasurable benefit of learning from and teaching their own children about the European culture, customs, foods, and day-to-day life, and often become life-long friends!

Enriching Lives

Families need not have a corresponding child of the same age or even children at all, you don’t need to provide financial support or insurance to their hosted students. Students just want to ‘live as Americans’ and practice their English.

Spanish Legacy’s exchange program is designed for middle and high school students and is committed to fostering curiosity and cultural discovery by bringing people and families together! Our program has been enriching lives for more than 15 years. We take great pride and great care in providing the highest standard of service and accommodations for our students and families.

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