Taking Students Abroad

Learning The Spanish Culture

For students interested in bringing their language study to life, we’re proud to offer opportunities to travel while learning, featuring trips to some of Spain’s most culturally and historically significant sites. Each of our trips is carefully organized to expose participants to the best that Spain has to offer. This year, we will be traveling to Soria. Soria is a quaint city rich with artistic heritage and traditional architecture. It has big city culture while maintaining a local feel and a safe environment with loads of opportunities to engage with the local Spanish community and practice your language skills. Join us on an experience that is sure to be life-changing!


2020 Destination: Soria
Dates: June 6-27, 2020
Accommodations: 4 or 5-star hotels
Included Tours: Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum, Segovia’s Alcazar, the Burgos Cathedral, and more!
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