Learn Spanish with us in the birthplace of the language and experience Spain's unique culture, profound history, and – who could forget? – delicious food.

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Learn Spanish in Spain

Spanish Legacy is proud to offer our students a series of new opportunities to travel while learning, featuring trips to some of Spain's most culturally and historically significant sites. Each of our trips is carefully organized to expose participants to the best that Spain has to offer, from the the rich linguistic heritage and gastronomy of the North to the unforgettable flare and flavor of the South. Join us on an experience that is sure to be life-changing!

Madrid & Andalucia

Join Spanish Legacy on our inaugural trip to Spain! We are heading to the country's capital and its most evocative region, Andalucia.
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This summer Spanish Legacy is proud to offer a unique Spanish language summer camp in Soria, Spain; the heart of the region from which Spanish traces its roots.
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Host and learn for free!

Host a student this summer and receive a free month of Spanish classes or one week in our summer camp for students ages 2 to 12. Contact us for more info →

Teaching through culture

We believe that learning is at its most effective when the student is exposed to a language's cultural context. That's why our philosophy is rooted in cultural exchange and immersion.

Every year we welcome international students to our school and organize trips abroad. And since our school is a center of cultural interchange, local and foreign students advance with confidence by sharing learning experiences.

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