Summer Camps

Summer camps are the perfect opportunity for your child to learn a new language and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Our instructors draw on the Montessori method to provide students with a strong foundation in Spanish.

Camps last one week but can be taken in succession for two, three, or more weeks, and continuing students are given incremental lessons.

Our summer camps are the next best thing to your child actually studying in a Spanish-speaking country. We simulate a culturally immersive environment by exposing students to 100% Spanish from beginning to end. Cultural immersion has been proven to be the most effective learning technique for acquiring a new language.

Children enjoy games that incorporate Spanish culture, with new topics such as animals, foods and countries covered every day. Full-day camps include swimming, basketball and other fun activities, all of which are done purely in Spanish.

We accept students from 3 to 16 years of age, and organize classes by age groups. Camps begin at 9:00am daily, with half-day camps ending at noon and full-day camps ending at 4:00pm.

A limited number of French, German and Italian summer camps are also offered. Contact us for details!

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  • Sarasota, Florida

    Sarasota is a coastal city located in Florida's Gulf Coast. The city is known for its pristine beaches, thriving cultural-arts scene and excellent recreational opportunities.

    Population: 675,000

    Climate: Humid subtropical with hot summers and mild winters; average annual temperature: 83° F high (28° C), 62° F low (17° C); average annual rainfall: 54 in (137 cm).

    Geography: Sarasota is located on the Gulf of Mexico, an hour south of the Tampa Bay area. The city is surrounded by some 30 miles (50 km) of beautiful tropical beaches, and is within easy reach of other popular Florida destinations such as West Palm Beach and Miami.

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    Phone: (941) 925-8510

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